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Health Benefits of Nopalea Juice

The Nutrition of Cactus Fruit Juice

The Nutrition of Cactus Fruit Juice

Cactus juice, which is also known as nopalitos, nopalea, Nopal cactus or prickly pear juice, is a very popular beverage in countries like: Mexico, South America, India, the Middle East and other parts of Europe. However, in recent years, Nopal Cactus has also gain popularity and a huge fanbase in the United States. See the […]

Nopal Cactus Health Benefits

TriVita Nopalea Cactus Juice Review- Life Without Pain

Life Without Pain – The Nopalea Difference I’ve read a lot of stuff about anti inflammatory medicine– both clinical and homeopathic– as well as so called wonder foods that claim everything from lowering blood pressure, improving your eye sight or curing cancer. Mostly the kind of thing that doesn’t pass the sniff test even at […]

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Nopalea Drink is the premium wellness drink, which help to reduce pain caused by inflammation

The Wonders Of Nopalea Nopalea Drink is the premium wellness drink, which could help in reducing pain caused by inflammation Nopalea is a premium wellness drink that is manufactured by TriVita. The drink is extracted from the fruit of Nopal cactus(Opuntia Ficus Indica) which is also known as the prickly spear. Nopal cactus fruit contains […]

Nopal Cactus Health Benefits

6 health-benefits of Drinking Nopalea Juice Regularly

There is a new craze in the health drink markets. This new drink is called Nopalea Juice. And it is fast becoming a new star in this market due to its many great health benefits. Nopalea Juice is derived from the pulp of the Fruit from the Nopal Cactus (Opuntia Ficus) which is full of […]

Nopalea and Diabetes

Are there any side effects to nopalea cactus juice?

While Nopalea Cactus Juice is made from natural ingredients and is not really a health hazard, some people still experience some side effects after drinking the said health and wellness drink. The thing is, there are instances when you should not drink or when you should avoid drinking the Nopalea Cactus Juice because it may […]

Natural Relief of Knee Joint Pain with Nopalea Cactus Juice

Natural Relief of Knee Joint Pain with Nopalea Cactus Juice

    Joint pains, arthritis and rheumatism are some of the worst things that a person can find themselves dealing with. While it may be true that these kinds of pain are not as bad as cancer or any other disease, you sure know that these are also not easy to deal with and that people […]

Raw Nopal Cactus Juice

Learn the Wonders of Raw Nopal Cactus Juice

The prickly pear or more formally known as the Nopal Cactus is an age-old staple when it comes to Mexican cuisine. These make yummy additions to dishes that give it that distinct Mex taste. But did you know, the juice from raw Nopal Cactus offers a lot of health benefits and actually helps fight certain […]

Side Effects of Drinking Nopalea Juice

Side Effects of Drinking Nopalea Juice?

Nopalea juice has been marketed recently as a refreshing health drink, widely available online and from various network marketing companies. However, most people have never even heard of Nopalea, much less drink the juice extracted from it. Is it even safe to drink? The Prickly Pear Cactus The Nopalea is actually a family of cacti […]