Chronic Inflammation- The Root of All Disease

When we think of inflammation, we tend to think of the redness, swelling (edema) and heat associated with healing process our body undergoes after a trauma has occurred and simply regard the discomfort as being a short-term nuisance we have to deal with.

Typically, this is the case, but there are cases (and, unfortunately, they aren’t so rare) when the body has trouble turning off the process of inflammation after damage has been repaired and thus starts a cascade of long-term inflammatory destruction throughout the body. We call this chronic inflammation and unfortunately, if left unchecked, it can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases and even death.

How Inflammation Goes from Acute to Chronic

The type of short-term inflammation associated with the healing progress is called Acute Inflammation and is a necessary occurrence that Chronic Inflammation- The Root of All DiseaseChronic Inflammation- The Root of All Diseasekeep our bodies healthy. During acute inflammation, cells called macrophages send out a “special alert” to leukocytes (blood cells) which draws them to the area in need of repair and the healing process begins.

As leukocytes rush to the scene, the affected area becomes reddened and the blood vessels in the area become more permeable and begin “leaking” plasma causing the swelling, or edema, often associated with injury.

Next, the macrophages and leukocytes work together to “clean up” the damaged cells and, if need be, attack whatever is causing the damage (parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc).

Typically, once the damage has been properly taken care of, the macrophages will stop releasing their call for help and all of the cells that rushed in to help will leave the area to assist elsewhere. If, however, the macrophages get “hung up” and can’t, or don’t, turn off the call for help, they, and the leukocytes will begin mistakenly attacking healthy cells in the area thereby causing a chain reaction that deteriorates the body. This is chronic inflammation.

The problem with chronic inflammation is that there are no precursory signs that it is occurring in your body. By the time you start to feel pain, it’s already too late- the cascading destruction has already begun, hence chronic inflammation earning a reputation as the “Secret Killer”.

Common Chronic Inflammation Diseases
Are YOU suffering from one?

Below is a list of the most common chronic inflammation diseases.

1. Arthritis: chronic inflammation of the joints
2. Asthma and Allergies: chronic inflammation disease of the airways (lungs)
3. Skin Disorders: Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema are all types of chronic inflammation diseases that afflict the skin
4. High Cholesterol and Arteriosclerosis: chronic inflammation disease within the blood vessels that causes excess build up of bad cholesterol and may lead to Heart Disease
5. High blood pressure: stress induced chronic inflammation disease
6. Fibromyalgia
7. Diabetes
8. Alzheimer’s

Treating Chronic Inflammation Diseases

Though doctors tend to prescribe drugs to reduce inflammation in the body, many of them come with side effects that are just as bad, if not Chronic Inflammation- The Root of All Diseaseworse, than the inflammation and pain you may be dealing with.

That’s why it’s best to take a natural approach to reducing inflammation in the body.

Preventing or rooting inflammation out of the body can be as simple as eating the rights foods. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and antioxidants are all excellent inflammation fighters.

Anti inflammation Supplements

Anti inflammation supplements are a must as well. It’s nearly impossible to know that your body is getting the right balance of nutrients on a daily basis that it needs to keep chronic inflammation diseases at bay, so supplementing with a natural anti inflammatory supplement ensures that you’re getting your full daily ration of inflammation-fighting protection.

My favorite anti inflammation supplement is Nopalea, a unique nopal cactus juice made by TriVita.

Nopalea contains a a full 24 varieties of a rare antioxidant called betalains that is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in the body.

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