Learn the Wonders of Raw Nopal Cactus Juice

The prickly pear or more formally known as the Nopal Cactus is an age-old staple when it comes to Mexican cuisine. These make yummy additions to dishes that give it that distinct Mex taste. But did you know, the juice from raw Nopal Cactus offers a lot of health benefits and actually helps fight certain diseases? It is actually now considered a super food for its many benefits. The following is a list that outlines the advantages that you can get from drinking raw Nopal Cactus juice.

Higher Fiber Content – the prickly pear provides high fiber that aids in better digestion. Not only does this promote good digestion and regular waste elimination, it also reduces toxin absorption in the body.

Cholesterol and Obesity combatant – the juice has the ability to significantly reduce LDL or bad Raw Nopal Cactus Juicecholesterol levels in the body. As we know, cholesterol is responsible for a wide variety of medical conditions that are not limited to heart attacks. At the same time, with the help of its high-fiber content, it will bind the bile salt and cholesterol to prevent weight gain that may lead to obesity. Consequentially, this also means that the juice will provide you a good way to fight and control hypertension.

Weight Loss – the aforementioned benefits are all tantamount to mean weight loss. With proper digestion and toxin elimination, shedding excess weight is certain to follow. However, weight reduction is not the sole benefit from all these because the cactus has the ability to provide the body with vitamins and minerals to keep it in optimum condition.

Rich Antioxidant Source – known to contain beta-carotene, flavonoids, betalins, Vitamins E and C, and other phytonutrients, the juice offers great antioxidant properties that protect tissue damage due to free radicals. These include the lymph system, blood and cardiac vessels, eye tissue, and the liver.

Anti-Inflammatory, Antiulcer, and Antiviral Properties – while most of the listed benefits are relevant to nourishment, the Nopal cactus is also known to have the ability to reduce edema and blood vessel inflammation. It also helps heal ulcers and combat viral infections. In addition, it also has the ability to ease arthritis, acne, skin irritations (including sunburn, insect bites, scrapes, and rashes), chest congestion, and skin pigmentation.

Anti-Cancer – research shows that the cactus has the ability to hinder cancer cell production in certain types while controlling tumor growth. By far, these include bladder, cervical, and ovarian cancers.

Diabetes Control – with regular intake, the raw Nopal Cactus juice will allow a type 2 diabetes patient to have regulated blood sugar levels, thereby treating their condition. Clinical studies have been conducted over the years to determine just how well this prickly pear has the ability to reduce blood sugar.

There are quite a few more benefits to drinking Raw Nopal Cactus juice. One fun fact is that it is actually a great hangover remedy. But if you’re planning to start this healthy habit, curing a throbbing head from a fun evening is probably just a bonus considering the long list of benefits that your body will get.

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