Nopalea Ingredients & Betalains

Upon numerous circumstances, the human body is always exposed to potential harmful agents, disease inflammation, and sources that can actually cause premature aging. Fortunately, Betalains have acquired the role of helping avoid such unwanted events that can diminish a lot of life’s enjoyment in general. Betalains are nutrients that feed your cells nutrients and carry away toxins to help your body fight disease. When you drink nopalea on a regular basis, the betalains constantly clean up the dead cells, reducing inflammation. These rich nutrients also act as antioxidants. They can potentially make your body resistant from toxins and bacteria, which are actually factors that contribute to cell damage; promoting skin to age prematurely.

It’s actually quite interesting the relationship and similarity that both betalains and collagen have and their impact on our largest organ: the skin. We all have seen and watched on television how often people talk about collagen. Well, it is a protein that keeps the skin looking firm, smooth, and rejuvenated! This is particularly the same role that betalains have on the skin. They both relatively act as a glue that keeps our skin together! However, as time goes by, and as people little by little begin to age, the collagen production starts running pretty slow and they resort to cosmetic alternatives. When you drink Nopalea everyday the betalains will help to naturally replenish those cell gaps giving the skin a younger, radiant and healthy look!

Nopalea Ingredients & Betalains

Did you know that the magenta color of the beets comes from the Betalains in it? Funny to say, when you think about both words, they sound similar! Yes, there is actually a reason to it. “Betalain” is a derivation from “Beta Vulgaris” the latin name for the common beet. This is how betalains were first extracted! So pretty much the betalains are a pigment that causes beets and the nopalea fruit to have a rich, reddish color! Ready for more? Betalains are also found in pokeberries, and pokeberries were used once as a red dye for wine!

There are 24 different betalains known to man – and one of the only plants in the world to posess all 24 of these rare anti-inflammatory fighters is the Nopal Cactus, found in the Sonoran Desert. Beets only carry a fraction of betalains compared to the nopal cactus – mainly because the Nopal Cactus of the Sonoran Desert has to live in very extreme temperatures – so it had to create it’s own anti-inflammatory for it’s own survival.

For those who have or have had either bad cholesterol or liver problems, here are some good news. First of all, betalains contain a soluble fiber that naturally reduce LDL (bad cholesterol). Second, they protect the liver from harmful toxins! If it’s the case of a liver already fighting a disease, these amazing nutrients rush to help alleviate inflammation caused by it. So there is still hope and it’s worth the try to make betalains a part of your life!

Nopalea Ingredients

The Nopal cactus is an antioxidant-rich fruit is blended naturally with sweet Agave nectar and an array of beneficial nutrients to bring you a deliciously unique concentrated wellness drink. The juice is processed in a nitrogen rich environment and has no additives or preservatives. The ingredients of Nopalea are 100% natural.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size 2 tbsp (1 fl oz) (30 mL)
Servings per Container 32

Amount per Serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat1 g
Total Carbohydrate1 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Protein1 g
Vitamin C1 g
Calcium1 g
Iron1 g
Sodium1 g
Proprietary blend (Nopalea)907.15 g

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