Nopalea Drink is the premium wellness drink, which help to reduce pain caused by inflammation

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The Wonders Of Nopalea Nopalea Drink is the premium wellness drink, which could help in reducing pain caused by inflammation Nopalea is a premium wellness drink that is manufactured by TriVita. The drink is extracted from the fruit of Nopal cactus(Opuntia Ficus Indica) which is also known as the prickly spear. Nopal cactus fruit contains … Read more

Chronic Inflammation: The Primary Cause of Disease and Death

Nopalea Ingredients

Inflammation comes in two varieties- acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. The one that we most commonly associate with the term “inflammation” is the acute type- which is easily identifiable given its common symptoms (redness, swelling, pain, heat) and which is a sign that our body is doing its best to keep us healthy. The second … Read more

TriVita Nopalea Cactus Juice Review- Life Without Pain

Nopal Cactus Health Benefits

Life Without Pain – The Nopalea Difference I’ve read a lot of stuff about anti inflammatory medicine– both clinical and homeopathic– as well as so called wonder foods that claim everything from lowering blood pressure, improving your eye sight or curing cancer. Mostly the kind of thing that doesn’t pass the sniff test even at … Read more

The Nutrition of Cactus Fruit Juice

The Nutrition of Cactus Fruit Juice

Cactus juice, which is also known as nopalitos, nopalea, Nopal cactus or prickly pear juice, is a very popular beverage in countries like: Mexico, South America, India, the Middle East and other parts of Europe. However, in recent years, Nopal Cactus has also gain popularity and a huge fanbase in the United States. See the … Read more

Natural Gout Relief with Nopalea

Natural Gout Relief with Nopalea Drink

Nopalea, the nopal cactus juice, has taken center stage these days as an alternative method of relief from chronic inflammatory illness. Incredible testimonials have been reported by those who consistently take the product. One of its most important characteristics is its high concentration of a special form of antioxidants called betalains, which make it a … Read more