Reduce Inflammation with Nopalea Juice

Inflammation is the immune system’s natural response to injury and is crucial for survival.  When initiated, it helps the body fight infection and clear away any damaged tissue.

Inflammation becomes a problem, however, when the immune system is unable to stop the inflammatory response or triggers it when it’s not necessary.  It then becomes a chronic condition, termed chronic inflammation, and causes the body to attack healthy cells resulting in long term pain and suffering.

While there are prescription drugs out there that are suppose to reduce inflammation, there are also natural solutions which may prove more beneficial in the long run.  Natural anti inflammatory supplements have the added benefit of not causing horrific side effects that can further degrade your health.

Reduce Inflammation with Nopalea

Nopalea, an Anti Inflammatory Supplement

One such anti inflammatory supplement that has shown promise in reducing inflammation is Nopalea, a unique juice supplement made from the fruit of the Nopal (prickly pear) cactus.  The inflammation-fighting power of Nopalea comes from the high concentration of betalain antioxidants found within the fruit.  To date, over 287 scientific papers have been published in the PubMed directory praising the ability of the nopal cactus fruit (opuntia ficus-indica) to reduce inflammation.

Why Is Nopalea So Effective at Reducing Inflammation

Though varieties of nopal cacti grow on 6 of the 7 continents, the fruit used to produce Nopalea juice is of the opuntia ficus-indica variety and is harvested from the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and New Mexico- widely regarded as the “most inflamed location on earth”.  The reason this is important is that it assures the highest possible antioxidant potency of the product.

In comparative testing between varieties of nopal cacti, only the Opuntia ficus-indica variety contained the full spectrum of Betalains (24 total) and in further testing between Opuntia ficus-indica of the Sonoran Desert region and those of other regions, those from the Sonoran Desert had the highest concentrated betalain content of all.

Additionally, the nopal cactus fruit is the ONLY naturally growing food that contains Taurine- an amino acid that our body typically has to manufacture on its own- that is especially helpful in preventing inflammation and again, Opuntia ficus-indica takes the gold medal with regard to quantity of taurine found within its fruit.

So, Nopalea is effective at reducing inflammation because it contains on the best ingredients of those shown to reduce inflammation!

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