TriVita Nopalea Cactus Juice Review- Life Without Pain

Life Without Pain – The Nopalea Difference
I’ve read a lot of stuff about anti inflammatory medicine– both clinical and homeopathic– as well as so called wonder foods that claim everything from lowering blood pressure, improving your eye sight or curing cancer. Mostly the kind of thing that doesn’t pass the sniff test even at a glance but when you’re in pain, when your lower back feels like someone’s driving a wedge into your spine, you’re more concerned with relief and you’ll try anything to get it. Finding something that works, though? Needle meet haystack.

Nopalea was the the needle in that hay stack, It’s not the ‘silver bullet’ that cures all in a single glass, it doesn’t claim to be, but what I did notice right away was the taste. Not bad, not over powering and all and all pretty mild, fruity without being over sugared (I hate it when ‘health drinks’ are too sweet, I could go buy a coke if I wanted that taste!

So it’s been eight weeks and after taking the ‘Wellness Challenge’– I was offered a 60 day money back guarantee which made buying it a little less of a risk, in fact it was part of the reason I tried it at all. Not many people stand behind their stuff these days so this was kind of a no brainer.

Nopal Cactus Health Benefits

That said, my knees and lower back have been steadily improving to the point where I have only minor aches now and then, where as eight weeks ago I’d have been on my back more often than not. My work doesn’t allow me to stay bed bound, so it’s been very touch and go– mostly because, like I said earlier, this doesn’t just reduce inflammation over night– and after having dealt with the bursts of pain (usually with narcotic painkillers), I’ve come to really appreciate what this stuff does for me.

I’ve noticed a gradual improvement in my ability to walk, even on an incline which used to be impossible. I can even lift things, something I couldn’t do even a month ago. So, with all this good, the only downfall would be the price. I was a little put off by the price tag but as I’ve said, it was money well spent and if it hadn’t turned out, I would have gotten my money back so as far as I’m concerned, it’s an investment in the future. One I plan keep making, it’s saved me from spending the money in drugs just to function.

All told, I’d really recommend anyone suffering from inflammation or aches try Nopalea, it’s helped me a lot and I’m sure it’ll help you too. There’s no reason not too.

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